Custom Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set


Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set | Crafted for Performance and Durability

  • No minimum order quantities, no extra fees for adding custom player name number, color, and design.
  •  All sizes & colors are available.
  •  All fabrics are available in very high quality (100% durable, quick-dry, moisture, breathable and lightweight for any sport).
  • Please submit your own design or leave it up to our highly professional designers.
  • Each inch is customizable with FORK SPORTSWEAR. You can get a free instant quote with a free Mockup.

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Elevate Your Team’s Game with Custom Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set

Versatility Meets Style on the Court

When your team hits the basketball court, it’s not just about scoring points; it’s about making a statement. Introducing the Custom Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set by Fork Sportswear – where versatility meets style for the ultimate basketball experience. This isn’t just a uniform; it’s a game-changer.

With this reversible set, you get two looks in one, allowing your team to switch up their style effortlessly. Featuring the signature Fork Sportswear quality, these uniforms are designed to showcase your team’s skill and unity. It’s time to command attention, both on and off the court.

Crafted for Performance and Durability

Performance is paramount in basketball, and our Custom Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set delivers. Engineered for comfort and mobility, these uniforms keep your team at their best throughout the game. The moisture-wicking fabric ensures they stay cool and dry, even during intense matches, while the durable stitching guarantees they withstand the toughest plays.

Invest in uniforms that not only elevate your team’s performance but also withstand the rigors of the basketball season. With Fork Sportswear, you’re getting a set that’s built to last and help your team shine.

Your Team, Your Identity

Your team is unique, and your uniforms should reflect that. With our Custom Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set, you have the power to personalize them to your liking. Add your team name, logo, or any design that embodies your team spirit. These uniforms aren’t just clothing; they’re an expression of your team’s identity.

Whether you’re competing in a championship game or practicing hard for the next big match, these uniforms will unite your team and give you the confidence to take on any opponent.


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5 reviews for Custom Basketball Uniforms Reversible Set

(5 customer reviews )
  1. Geraldine Stanley

    I ordered the custom basketball uniforms reversible set for my high school team, and we are thrilled with the results! The reversible feature is fantastic, allowing us to switch between two vibrant designs during home and away games. The uniforms fit perfectly and are made of high-quality material. They feel comfortable and lightweight, enhancing our performance on the court. ForkSportswear has delivered an exceptional product, and I highly recommend these uniforms to any basketball team looking for style and functionality!

  2. Byron Fleming

    Our college basketball team needed new uniforms, and we couldn’t have made a better choice than ForkSportswear’s custom reversible set. The design options were vast, and we could easily match the uniforms with our team colors and logo. The reversible feature saved us the cost of buying separate home and away jerseys. The uniforms are durable and have held up well to rigorous practices and games. Our team feels confident and unified wearing these uniforms. ForkSportswear has truly delivered on their promise of quality and style!

  3. Tammy Bishop

    I ordered the custom basketball uniforms reversible set for my son’s AAU team, and they fit him like a glove! The sizing guide was accurate, and the uniforms arrived on time as promised. My son loves how comfortable they are, allowing him to focus on his game without any distractions. The reversible feature gives his team a professional look, and the colors are vibrant and eye-catching. I’m impressed with ForkSportswear’s attention to detail, and I’m glad I chose them for our team’s uniforms.

  4. Terrance Sims

    Our youth basketball league was in need of affordable and high-quality uniforms, and ForkSportswear delivered exactly that! The custom reversible set was the perfect choice for us. The kids love the option of changing their jersey’s look, and the fabric is easy to clean after messy games. The uniforms are well-made, and the colors have not faded even after multiple washes. We appreciate the durability and flexibility of these uniforms. ForkSportswear has won our trust, and we will definitely be reordering from them in the future.

  5. Sherry Phillips

    As a semi-professional basketball team, having top-notch uniforms is essential for our image. ForkSportswear’s custom reversible set has truly helped us stand out on the court! The uniforms’ design is modern and sleek, and the reversible feature allows us to switch between our primary and alternate colors effortlessly. The quality is outstanding, and the fabric feels premium. We’ve received numerous compliments from fans and opponents alike. Investing in these uniforms was worth every penny, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision!

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