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Custom Personalized Sublimated Non-Integrated Football Pants

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Football Non-Integrated Pants | Style Meets Functionality

  • No minimum order quantities, no extra fees for adding custom player name number, color, and design.
  •  All sizes & colors are available.
  •  All fabrics are available in very high quality (100% durable, quick-dry, moisture, breathable and lightweight for any sport).
  • Please submit your own design or leave it up to our highly professional designers.
  • Each inch is customizable with FORK SPORTSWEAR. You can get a free instant quote with a free Mockup.
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Elevate Your Performance with Non-Integrated Football Pants

Football blends passion with skill, and having the right gear is paramount. In a sport where every second can change the game, our Non-Integrated Football Pants are essential for achieving optimum mobility, comfort, and protection.

Why Opt for Non-Integrated Football Pants?

  • Flexibility and Customized Fit: Unlike integrated pants with fixed padding, our Non-Integrated Football Pants give players the flexibility to choose pads that suit their unique requirements. This customization enhances agility and speed, especially during the game’s critical moments.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: With Non-Integrated Football Pants, players can pick pads based on their position, style, or game-specific needs. Whether you’re a running back desiring increased mobility or a lineman seeking additional protection, these pants cater to all.
  • Durability You Can Trust: Recognizing football’s intense nature, our Non-Integrated Football Pants are crafted from resilient materials designed to endure the sport’s challenges. Their tear-resistant nature assures longevity through multiple seasons.
  • Blending Style and Function: Beyond their core functionality, our Non-Integrated Football Pants exude style. Available in various colors and customizable with team logos or numbers, these pants ensure you make a statement on the field. Their sleek design not only looks good but stays in place, enhancing your performance.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance: Cleaning is straightforward with Non-Integrated Football Pants. Without embedded pads, washing them is simple, ensuring they remain in pristine condition for every match.


The right football pants can significantly enhance your performance. Our Football Pants offer unmatched customization, ensuring every player has gear specifically tailored to their needs. Step onto the field confidently, and let our pants amplify your game to its pinnacle.

5 reviews for Custom Personalized Sublimated Non-Integrated Football Pants

  1. Jeanette Bradley

    I recently got these custom football sublimated non-integrated pants, and I’m extremely pleased with my purchase! The sublimated design looks sharp and adds a touch of personalization to my gear. The fit is perfect, and the non-integrated style allows me to pair them with various football jerseys. The fabric feels durable and comfortable, providing flexibility during intense plays. I also appreciate the quality stitching, ensuring these pants will withstand the rigors of the game. I highly recommend these pants to any serious football player!

  2. Ronnie Bishop

    These custom football sublimated non-integrated pants are a great addition to my football gear collection. The sublimated design is eye-catching, and I love having the option to customize them with my team’s colors and logo. The fit is fantastic, and they don’t hinder my movements on the field. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, even during long practices. They are easy to clean and have maintained their vibrant colors after multiple washes. I’m thrilled with these pants and highly recommend them to all football players!

  3. Marion Reid

    I couldn’t be happier with the customization and performance of these custom football sublimated non-integrated pants. The sublimated design looks professional, and the colors are true to our team’s branding. The fabric is top-notch, providing comfort and flexibility throughout games. I appreciate the non-integrated style, as it allows me to mix and match with different football jerseys. These pants have quickly become my go-to choice for practices and games. I’m thoroughly satisfied with this purchase and would recommend them to any football enthusiast!

  4. Marvin Rose

    These custom football sublimated non-integrated pants are the perfect combination of style and function! The sublimated design looks sleek and modern, and the customization option allowed me to add my name and number for a personal touch. The fit is excellent, and the fabric feels durable and breathable. I love the versatility of these pants, as they complement various football jerseys I own. They’re also easy to clean, which is a bonus. If you want stylish and functional football pants, look no further!

  5. Rosemarie Graham

    I’ve been using these custom football sublimated non-integrated pants for a few months now, and they’ve exceeded my expectations in every way. The quality is excellent—the fabric is tough and can handle rough play, yet it’s comfortable to wear for extended periods. The sublimated design looks sharp, and the colors haven’t faded at all. The fit is spot on, and they offer great flexibility on the field. These pants have become an essential part of my football uniform, and I’m confident they’ll last for many seasons to come!

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